Posted by Luna Parts, LLC on Nov 15th 2023

Clean off the condenser coils twice per year

What are condenser coils? They remove heat from refrigerators and freezers. They are located at the back or beneath the unit. They look like radiator coils and are very large depending on the size of the fridge.

If dust or dirt cling to these coils the fridge has a hard time removing the heat which causes the fridge to increase energy consumption. If we do not clean this regularly it will cause problems and we may need to pay for expensive repairs.

Clean and replace the gasket as needed

This is the rubber seal that outlines the refrigerator and freezer doors. Many people do not pay a lot of attention to this and why the function of the gasket is very important for this appliance. The gasket has the job to seal out the warm air. Therefore, we must clean it frequently preferably with a universal cleaner.

Over time, gaskets wear out and stop sealing properly. They usually weaken and loosen enough to let warm air enter the unit. We must replace it, gladly replacing a gasket is very easy and not expensive at all. This will avoid the refrigerator or freezer to increase energy consumption and you will help your bills stay low.


Depending on your refrigerator/freezer you may need to manually defrost it or not. Some refrigerators are self-defrosting therefore you don’t need to do anything. If you have a refrigerator that does not have this option, you will need to do a manual defrost. When frost accumulates on the inside walls of the freezer to an inch and a half thickness remove the food from the unit, turn off the thermostat or unplug the unit and allow all the frost to melt. Once it has all melted turn the unit back on, wait for it to reach its operating temperature, and restock it with food. Simple right?

On the other hand, if you have a self-defrosting refrigerator you don’t have to do anything because every six to eight hours the unit heats up its cooling coils slightly to melt any frost accumulation on the coils. That means water drains into a shallow pan at the bottom of the unit. Here is when you might need to clean the pan to avoid odors and bacteria growth every now and then. If you need further help check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on locating and removing the pan.

If you follow these very easy and short steps you will help your energy bill stay at a fair cost and you will avoid unnecessary expenses that your refrigerator/freezer may bring to you in the future. If you think it’s time to replace a gasketor any other fridge part, click here and check out our replacement parts available.