Posted by Luna Parts, LLC on Oct 15th 2023

We know that electricity and water are the most important bills around the house. That is why we will do anything to keep them at a low cost. We want to help you do that by providing you the following tips.


- Always do a full load of laundry. Washing small loads uses the same amount of electricity.

- Hanging clothes to dry – especially heavy items like towels and jeans – saves a lot of electricity.

- For small amounts of food, use the toaster oven. There is no need to use the oven to heat up every little thing. Or use a microwave. They use a lot of power if you ran one for an hour, but no one runs a microwave for an hour. At least I hope not.

- Switch to CFLs! Compact fluorescent lights use a lot less power. High quality LEDs are even better but the light can be weird.


- Do your laundry in cold water. If some clothing really needs hot water, set them aside until you have enough to do a full load.

- If you have a dishwasher, only run full loads.

- Have leaky faucets fixed immediately.

If you are looking to get new appliances, make sure that they are Energy Star certified. These are designed to use much less electricity and, in the case of dishwashers, less water.

We hope that these helpful tips can allow you to save some money on your next utility bills!

Thank you for your time.